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Finding Day’s Bottom

Finding Day's Bottom

By Candice Ransom
Carolrhoda Books
Ages 9 to 13

ISBN: 978-1575059334

     “Day’s Bottom?” I asked. “Where’s that?”
     “Far off yonder,’ Grandpap said. “A place of light and wonderment.”
“But where is it?”
     “Wisht I knew. I never could locate it.”
      “I bet I can,” I said.
      Grandpap winked at me. “Might could take two people. How ‘bout you look high and I look low?”

Jane-Ery’s heart is torn in two when her daddy dies in a sawmill accident. No more silly songs. No one to call her Miss Mousie.  Now Grandpa’s come down from Salter’s Mountain to help her and her mother. Jane-Ery’s not much interested, until he tells her about Day’s Bottom, where a girl can find anything she wants.


“... an authentically drawn backdrop that embodies stillness and reflection ... a novel full of insight and truth.”

“Wonderful description, hill-country language, appropriate grief and honesty combine to offer a new take on an old story.”

“Ransom weaves tales unique to the Virginia/Carolina region into the intriguing plot ... she creates vivid images, earnest characters, and memorable situations that will melt the hearts of readers.”


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Finding Day's Bottom