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Juneberry Blue

Juneberry Blue

By Candice Ransom
Peachtree Publishing Co.
Ages 8 to 11
ISBN-10: 1682636690
ISBN-13: 978-1-682-63669-5 


“Sentient plants and otherworldly cats round out an amiable cast in this gently magical tale that centers nature, ecology, and connection.” 
Publisher’s Weekly

Andie Jennings lives in tiny Morning Glory, Virginia, population eight. Her sleepy town has been fading for decades, but that doesn’t stop magic from making itself known there. It also doesn’t stop Andie from preparing for some magic of her own—the kind that appears in her family after girls turn eleven. The very first thing Andi needs to do with her magic is bring her dad home from his long-haul trucking job.

But when the anticipated gift isn’t what she expects, Andie is devastated—and doubts there is magic in her at all . . . Until visits from a persistent ghost cat convince her that maybe she’s inherited a gift after all. The question is, can she use it to bring about the changes she wants?

Candice Ransom’s warm and playful novel celebrates the magic to be found in small town, fairy tales, and storytelling.


Dreamy descriptions, comforting nostalgia, and close relationships coalesce into a sweet, summery story perfect for any reader seeking a touch of mystery and magic.”

“[A] gently magical tale that centers nature, ecology, and connection.”

“Fairy-tale aficionados will delight in the parallels and references to well-known stories peppered throughout. . . Filled with mystery, magic, and small-town mythos.”


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