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Atticus: All Grown Up

bw atticus web

The last time I posted about Atticus, he was heading into the record books as The Worst Cat in the World.  When I left for Hollins this summer, I gave my house one fond final look, knowing it wouldn’t be the same when I came back.

Amazingly, the house was the same when I returned home at the end of July.  But somebody had swapped our fuzzy teenage kitten for an 11-pound furry black bear of a cat.  Atticus is now a year old.  Has he settled down any?

other suitcase atticus web

He still gets in the sink, mainly to admire himself.

atticus in mirror web

He still gets on my desk and walks all over the keyboard, making my computer do horrible unfixable things.   I push him off the desk, but he sneaks back, thinking I won’t notice.


atticus computer top web

Nice try.

atticus computer side web


atticus computer under web

He still gets in boxes, only he doesn’t fit so well any more.  What you are seeing is a box of furry belly, hind feet against the back, head and front feet under the flap.

atticus back box web

Remember when he slept so sweetly (and briefly) in the vintage wire baskets on my desk?

web atticus basket

Well . . .

atticus in basket web

He is still a pill and still earns Time Out in the laundry room.  But somehow he wormed his rotten little self into our hearts.

box atticus sticker web

I guess we’ll keep him.

16 thoughts on “Atticus: All Grown Up”

  1. He’s still a pistol, isn’t he? The “portrait” photos were taken with me on my stomach, crawling along on my elbows. I will never be a pet photographer!

    • He won’t sit still long enough to write a letter to the milkman. When he’s on my desk he is *wrecking* things!
      And yes, he’s much bigger than I thought he’d be.

  2. I’m happy to say “I knew her when her first books were pubbed.” No way can I catch you, but I do have 12 books on the shelf–one of whom won an EPIC award for Historical Romance. They are all,doing well on Amazon. Our Tigger kitty died a long time ago :(. But our “mostly Shelty” lived to be 17.

    • Unlike most cats, Atticus sleeps in the most uncomfortable places/positions imaginable. They probably think we look ridiculous, too. But then, they can’t see themselves trotting downstairs, always good for a laugh.

  3. As always, loving Atticus’ stories and photos!

    Am still thinking of you on every road trip when I spot our friends the buzzards!


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