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Cleopatra’s Robe

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When I think about the stars and how far away they are and how many, I get so I have to sit down.

And then I remember that matter cannot be created or destroyed, which means nothing ever leaves.  Not dogs or fleas or mockingbirds or Jefferson’s eyelashes.  The dust stirred by the hem of Cleopatra’s robe is still here.  It all returns, all of it, some way or another.

My mother could have been a color or a drop of rain.  What if I missed her?  Will she come back again?

7 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Robe”

  1. LOVE the colors in this photo!

    I once saw Saturn and its rings through an observatory telescope and had that same weak-in-the-knees feeling–the enormity of the universe!

    • I saw the rings of Saturn once too, so many years ago I can’t count. But it was the same feeling. Now with the discovery of those new planets, I have the same tiny, insignificant feeling!

  2. I really like the picture and your reflection in the glass gives it a mystical quality.

    Your words were inspiring. I have been reading all your post and look forward to each one.

    • Steve: I’m afraid I’m lax on blogging lately! Working on three books at once and getting ready to go to Hollins U. to teach for the summer. The blog is at the bottom of the list, I’m afraid. Thanks for hanging in there!

  3. Sounds like you have your hands full and are working very hard. Enjoy your Summer writing and teaching.

    Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to let you know I was still here and thinking of you.



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